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Ten Things can do with Technology Gary Stager, phd

Ten Things can do with Technology per Gary Stager

  1. Write a novel
  2. share your knowledge
  3. answer tough questions
  4. make sense of data
  5. design a video game
  6. build a killer robot
  7. lose weight
  8. direct a blockbuster
  9. compose a symphoney
  10. change the world
  11. be a mathematician, or scientist, or engineer, or lutheir, or....


Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment using 21st Century Skills

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As a long time member of the educational technology community in one way or another, and a weekly listener of a number of educational technology podcasts, I have been thinking about how as a future administrator I can bring my knowledge of technology into the school. Over the past few years I have also been increasingly frustrated with my curriculum as a math teacher.

Observation Instruments

Verbal Flow, At Task Scans, and Global Scans: Interaction Analysis

Internship Reflection Spring 2009

    Spring semester 2009 was by far the most productive internship experience I have had during the whole program. In addition to spending a full week at my internship site while they were in session, I felt I connected with the administrative team in a very positive way. I also managed to meet most of my goals. Until this semester, I viewed the internship requirement as a proverbial hoop that needed jumping through. Now, after gaining a consistent view of how the school operates, I see the value to my experience of the internship requirement.

Chapter 7 Hypothetical Cases

My Case Studies
Think about the following:

  1. The teacher's levels of development, expertise, and commitment to solving the problem
  2. The Nature of the problem

Chapter 7 Presentation

Presentation on Chapter 7 from Glickman, et al.

Supervisory Platform

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Teaching Philosophy:
    I believe teaching is fundamental to a democratic society, and teachers play a key role in society. Teachers pass knowledge, skills, and rules of society onto the next generation. Teachers effectively accomplish this when they invest in teaching students, and not teaching content. Students learn how to learn in part by watching teachers model learning.
   The classroom of an effective teacher embodies the mission of the school and works with all stake holders to meet school-wide goals. The effective teacher models how to make S.M.A.R.T. goals by creating and monitoring his or her teaching. Effective teachers do not become stale, but are in a constant state of improvement.
    Progress of students is monitored many people; the teacher, the student, parents, and administration (each to a varying degree). With data from S.M.A.R.T. goals, evidence of weaknesses are vigilantly addressed with students and other support personnel (parents, counselors).

I want a Drobo

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I am more and more fearful of storage on my computer, and looking at various options for backup. I found the one I really would like to invest in, however finding the funds are the problem. I want a Drobo. Many of the podcasts (see This week in Photographyfor example) I subscribe to are sponsored by Drobo, and I want to support them as well, however, I cannot afford the drobo. Maybe someday I'll win one. For more about storage and media here's a good site to read MYDL.

Closing Keynote

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Digital Native
Hall Davidson

The way your students think has changes: babysitter (TV) caused a change in brains of children.

Have 2 seconds in ads to get attention. Brain can recognize it.

Underneath what you have is lots of meaning. Showing video's give you lots of hidden message (women in math as example)

Kids change. Obvious is obesity.
Coke sinks, and diet cokes floats.

By having students edit videos and placing themselves in it they learn the content by having to look at it many many times.

CECA sesson 4 - E-Portfolios

CECA Award winner

Eportfolio helps keep the kids engaged. After school, during study, made for resume type stuff.

Makes it possible for everyone to see the work

Started with a blank template. Then populated with information that is required for the portfolio.

Domo of the software that is no longer available.



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