CECA Session 2 - Teacher's use of Technology to Develop A Students' Problem Solving Skills


Notes/Thoughts from the presentation (taken live)
From Marie Shaw

Quote from ISTE standards
Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Decision Making.

    Observation (from Thesis):
  • Students are not using technology to help them think critically and solve problems.
  • Professional development for teachers has been ineffective for developing teachers skills in teaching students critical thinking and problem solving.

    Data: 247 observationsof classrooms (Burns, 2006)
  • 80% time students use technology for presentations

Difference between software used for administration to instructional leaders with technology.

Her problem:
How can we improve PD to advance proficiency using technology for higher order problem solving skills.

Looked at adult learning from NEAG framework.
Look at Environment, self, and experiences to identify how adults learn.

What type of supports do teachers get with their environment.
What are the individual attributes: Self regulation, innate needs, and mental models.

Cognitive processes supported through experiences: Encoding, Mapping, and Abstracting.

Handout of Adult learning from Barry Sheckley (UCONN).

Conducted a qualitative study via a primarily a semi-structured interview protocol.

    Lit Review:
  • How teachers were taught is how they teach
  • Mental Models go very deep into the reasons why teaching/doing are the way they are
  • Experience didn't alway help sway mental models.

How do I learn?

Listed some perceptions about teaching and learning using technology.

    Adults have 3 innate needs
  • autonomous
  • competent
  • connected

Who's job is it to teach problem solving?

One idea is teachers must use technology in their domain (science, art, english) not as a large group.

Teachers acknowledge the need to learn to play games. Games are a way of problem solving.

    Three stages of learning:
  1. Technical difficulties - where is the on button
  2. Transfer knowledge - how to use this most efficient stage
  3. Artistry - now know the material and can use it to facilitate learning

There is never enough time to practice and learn in PLC.

Workshops are most effective if practice is deliberate and can be used immediately in the class room.

Strong technology teachers perceive themselves as leaders in the school.

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