Faculty Letter



July 7, 2012


Dear Mr. Jones,


I hope you are enjoying your summer. Summer is a great time to relax and reflect on the previous school year with an eye to the upcoming year. As the new principal I would like to introduce myself now so I might capitalize on this reflective time. I would also like to take this time to inform you about my leadership abilities and how I can help you.

I am excited about my new position, and I want to help take the school forward to great success. I look forward to sharing that success with you. My previous job as a vice-principal, together with my administrator preparation program at UCONN, have given me great insight into how schools work. I know it takes time, energy, and a willingness to triumph over difficulties. There must also be a favorable atmosphere between us. I want you to know I'm working to create an atmosphere for success.

As a new administrator for the district, I am excited to work with teachers and learn from you. One way I know to help create prosperous classrooms is consistency within the administration. I will work with my vice-principals and you to create a very consistent discipline policy to support you as a classroom teacher in maintaining your classroom and keeping you and the students safe.

Educational policy decisions are often made without much input from the teachers who are most affected by the policy. I do not think that is an effective way to run a school. I believe together we can decide how to improve CAPT scores by looking at data, our current practices, and strategies for success from the macro school level down to the micro student level. Mr. Jones, you are part of a very talented faculty; a faculty with years of teaching experience collectively. New strategies and methods come and go; we must work together in finding powerful strategies and teaching methods to make sure the spirit of NCLB is in effect at our school. We truly do not want to leave any of our children behind.

As you finish your summer, I would like you to think about the following questions and be ready to discuss them with me in a PTM (Principal Teacher Meeting) that I'll schedule with you after school starts. Please consider the following (no need to write a response, this will be a verbal meeting to understand how I might help you best):

1.      What is the best thing that happens at this school and why?

2.      How would you define my job as principal?

3.      What is your biggest struggle in the classroom and how might I help?

4.      If you could change anything from last year what would it be and why?

My door is always open if you want to talk. I'm also available by email (jonathan.seal@myschool.org) or phone if you need anything.

I look forward to meeting with you,

Jonathan Seal