Student Letter


July 7, 2012

Dear Jane Doe:

As the new principal of Jones High School, I would like to introduce myself and share some information with you before school begins. I know it takes a great deal of time, energy and desire for you to be successful. You should know that I want you to succeed.

I have served two years as a vice-principal at a high school and taught math for nine years. I know students can do great things while at school. I ask that we work together, to make your remaining time at Jones High School an incredible and unforgettable experience.

High school is a challenging time, with rules, classes, homework, tests, and graduation requirements. However, school is also very rewarding with dances, friends, sports, and music. Research has shown that a high school diploma is a major step toward financial independence. Despite the challenges, I will work to make your time at Jones High School meaningful and educational in order to prepare you for the next phase of your life.

I want you to understand now before school starts that violence of any type will not be tolerated at Jones High School. Physically harming yourself or others is not a solution to any problem and you will be responsible for your actions. All students need to feel safe while at school. Should you need help, I will provide support by working with you, the teachers, and the guidance department. In order to offer assistance, I need to know if you're having any difficulties. You need to prepare for life after high school. Learning to work through differences with your friends, peers, and teachers is a skill that will help you be successful after graduation.

I might not have all the answers to the questions or problems we will face; however, together we can find the answers. I will use my knowledge and experience, combined with other experts, to make your time at Jones High school a positive memory. We all need to work together as a team.

Miss Doe, I continue to learn everyday. I learned skills in high school that I use to this day. Learning is a life-long process. I'm here with your teachers to help you realize this valuable lesson and find the things that interest you the most.

During the next few weeks take time to prepare for school by thinking about how successful you will be this year. You have a new principal; you have a clean discipline record with me. Please keep it clean. Plan  for success. Plan to grow and learn, even if it is difficult. Plan to pass your tests. Plan to read books. Plan to do homework. Plan to work hard. Plan to have fun.

Enjoy the remainder of your summer. I look forward to meeting you in August. Please stop by if you have any questions, my door is always open.


Jonathan Seal