Reflection - Educational Policy


I dreaded the educational policy course, until the first class. I thought that policy was dull and boring, like the first-day orientation meetings of most jobs. However, I learned how policy can protect me, my future faculty, and students. Through policy creation and adherence, administrators are able to lead schools to success. I understand now how policy is my friend.

The culminating project was to identify and investigate a policy issue. I chose the controversial topic of cell phone use in schools. At first I struggled with the ubiquitous response of most school systems to ban any use of cell phones. I know there are certain fears among administrators associated with student cell phone use. I still struggle with this ban, as school budgets are shrinking, yet the demand for technology increases. Cell phones are becoming more and more powerful. Today’s newest phones are more powerful than some of the computers still in use in many school districts. I find it difficult to ban cell phone technology, especially when it comes without expending budgets to attain it. As a future administrator I will continue to struggle and work with teachers, students and parents to find a way to teach students appropriate uses for all technology, including cell phones, as they can enhance and enrich education in many meaningful ways.