Supervision of Educational Organizations


Leadership to Improve Student Learning

The final assignment places you in a simulated situation in which you have been appointed to the position of principal in Riverdale, CT. The assignment requires you to demonstrate what you’ve learned in the course about the essential role that effective teacher evaluation and valid professional development play in developmental supervision. The simulation also allows you to use strategic leadership and action planning to address problems you’ve identified in a school system’s teacher evaluation and professional development plan.

You will be required to: analyze a teacher evaluation and professional development plan and identify areas of concern based on your knowledge of research; identify specific problems which should be addressed, given these concerns; and develop and justify an action plan to solve the identified problems. Finally, you will be asked to reflect on your work and respond to questions regarding the supervisory tasks required by your plan; how your plan advances student learning, and the impact of your supervisory platform and vision for learning on your work in the simulation.


USA- NCATE- Unit Standards (effective fall 2008)
National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education

Standard : Standard 2: Assessment System and Unit Evaluation

Sub-standard : 2a. Assessment System

Sub-standard : 2b. Data Collection, Analysis, and Evaluation

Sub-standard : 2c. Use of Data for Program Improvement

Standard : Standard 3: Field Experiences and Clinical Practice

Sub-standard : 3a. Collaboration between Unit and School Partners

Standard : Standard 4: Diversity

Sub-standard : 4a. Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of Curriculum and Experiences

Standard : Standard 5: Faculty Qualifications, Performance, and Development

Sub-standard : 5a. Qualified Faculty

Sub-standard : 5b. Modeling Best Professional Practices in Teaching

Sub-standard : 5c. Modeling Best Professional Practices in Scholarship

Sub-standard : 5d. Modeling Best Professional Practices in Service

Sub-standard : 5e. Unit Evaluation of Professional Education Faculty Performance

Sub-standard : 5f. Unit Facilitation of Professional Development

Standard : Standard 6: Unit Governance and Resources

Sub-standard : 6a. Unit Leadership and Authority