Reflection - Supervision


Supervision of teachers is one of the areas of administration that I believe could be most rewarding. The activities, instruments, and systems of supervision that I studied have already helped me as a teacher. They will only continue to be an asset for me as an administrator. I believe the nation is moving to radically change the way teachers are evaluated, especially with President Obama’s, “Race to the Top” program. Key components of the program seem to be tied to teacher evaluation and training. I believe my preparation will be an asset to any district, as I have learned many different ways to approach to teacher evaluation and supervision.

We developed a few instruments that I am anxious to use, adapt, and modify in helping teachers improve. I understand the importance of working with teachers in a non-punitive way to achieve maximum student success. Teacher evaluation and supervision must be linked somehow to student achievement. I now look at my evaluators and see them more as collaborators. I want all my future teachers to understand the different roles administrators take in evaluating their work, both as a collaborator and a summative reflection on job performance. The majority of my time should be as a collaborator to help teachers avoid a situation where a summative evaluation may lead to undesirable outcomes.