UCAPP Day 1 meeting 1


Tonight I was able to officially start my next professional move. I started the UCAPP (University of Connecticut Administrator Preparation Program) at an informational meeting. It was wonderful to get information on the program. We, the candidates meet together as a large group, went over the program, had dinner, then split into our cohorts.

I've been assigned to the East 19 cohort, meaning we meet on the east side of the state (in Glastonbury). We are the 19th cohort to meet in "the East." The first real order of business was to gather information for our Clinical supervisor, Earl Bidwell, so he can start finding us internships. The internship is a valuable part of the program as it allows us to see the practical uses of the theory and actually do some administrating.

The East cohort is made of 14 students who will spend the next two years taking classes and getting ready to become administrators. One of the strengths the UCAPP professors advertised was the integration of practice (field or site work) with theory. In fact the program merged four years ago the professional organization in charge of administration in the state (CAS) with the state university (UCONN). They also advertised that many of the graduates begin administrating at the principal level and don't need additional experience other programs suggest. I thought that was pretty impressive, but don't know if I'm ready to be a principal.

I'm very excited to find out how this will all work out. The program is very integrated with technology, and all assignments and artifacts for the program are housed in a CMS system called TaskStream. It will be interesting comparing it to my beloved moodle. One difference is I’ve got to find $84 to register to use the system.


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