Reflection - School Improvement Plan


As a math teacher, I love data. I like collecting data, manipulating data, analyzing data, and making predictions using data. School improvement is directly tied to data. As I analyzed current practices and looked at data, I became aware of small factors that could contribute to great success. I believe that as I learn and develop my data analysis skills I will be more adept at identifying areas of need.

During my program evaluation course I learned the importance of looking at how school improvement impacts everyone; as such, it is vital to gather data from everywhere. It is simply not enough to look at test scores, or demographics, but teacher input, community commitments, and students, all of whom should contribute to a meaningful, lasting school improvement plan. As a future administrator, I will try and follow examples from my past leaders, and help teachers see beyond their classrooms. For example, often we forget the different mindsets of the economically challenged. As teachers and administrators we do not often deal with the basic survival needs of food, shelter, safety, and clothing; yet, for some of our students these needs can be all consuming. Knowing what kind of data to use and how to analyze it will help improve schools.