Reflection - Legal Problem


I often reflect upon how much I love the law. I know that is difficult for many people to understand, but I like learning about the precedent-setting cases that have a direct impact on what I do. During the course on school law I learned so much that impacts me even now daily. The Freedom of Information Act that is all encompassing and at such odds with the Families Educational Rights and Privacy Act that it is sometimes incomprehensible that education in this country works so well. The United States of America with the discord and conflict is still a remarkable place to have such opposing laws in full effect in schools. As a future administrator knowing the basics and having “the book” will be invaluable.

The example cases we discussed proved that it is important to think before acting. As a future administrator, I need to realize that there could be legal ramifications of my actions, especially if I am careless with my decisions. Just this week as a teacher I realized the rationale behind a new school transportation policy. Teachers were upset and confused by the rigidness of the rules, yet with the background gained from the law course, I could better understand the reasons for the change, and the protection it was trying to offer students. The law was not written to punish, but to protect me, my future faculty, and the students.