Flipping my classroom


This school year (2012-13) I've made my first real effort into flipping my math classrooms. I've had mixed success and anyone who begins the process will probably acknowledge. I will attempt to captures some of my reflections here on this blog, mostly for my own sake, partly to force me to actually put in writing my thoughts, and hopefully so others won't make the same mistakes I've made.

That stated, my biggest regret in flipping my classrooms was with parent communication. I didn't make sure that all parents and guardians understood what I am attempting to accomplish by flipping my classroom. I need to help them understand not only the reasons why, but how it will benefit their students, and how they can support the type learning I'm trying to help my students achieve. In addition to the parents, I need to communicate more with administration on the process. My immediate supervisor was well informed and understood, however I need to be better at communicating with the principal as well.

One other lesson is related to the videos. At first I relied solely on one website for videos, aside from vender provided videos. It wasn't until recently that I learned of others (see Richard Bryne's post) that are for some skills better. Mostly about the video's I've learned my own creations are the most successful. However, I need to work more with helping students in the beginning learn how to watch the videos. I'm also still experimenting with the best way to monitor students video watching and learning.

That's enough for now, but I will be posting more as I continue to reflect and prepare for next year. As long as I'm still a classroom teacher, I'll employ many of the methods of the flipped classroom as I see the value far out weighs the traditional chalk and talk method of teaching.