UCAPP after one week


I've been in class now for one week (everyday from 12:30 to 4). I started rather overwhelmed as we had to read a book before class started (ah the life of a grad student), but quickly realized the book was excellent, Leadership on the line: Staying alive through leadership. Since this is an educational leadership course it has really focused the discussion.

It is amazing because one, we actually went out as a family last night, first time since we returned last week that we were all together outside the house; and two while out I noticed I must be interested in learning the material, because I find myself looking around and applying the lessons we've been discussing in class. We are looking at leadership from Bosman and Deal's four leadership frames, structural, human resources, symbolic and political. Friday's class was spend in a "Courageous Conversation" about racial issues we as future administrators and leaders will face.

I also received my mentorship and found out what school I'll be shadowing the principal for many hours between now and finishing the program. I looked at the schools strategic profile from the state and saw it is not a very diverse school, much like my high school growing up. I wonder how the urban focus of my cohort will manifest itself when in a very suburban school?

Speaking of cohorts, I really like the people I'm learning with. We are starting to really work well together, expecially after yesterday's discussion. We bring such a richness to the discussions, with all of us having such different experience, both growing up and teaching. I continue to look forward to the discussions, classes and learning that are still coming.

If this week was any indication of the learning, then UCAPP will really strengthen me and help me grow into a leader that can take on challenges.

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