My thoughts on personal characteristics that define an excellent school administrator


I believe an excellent administrator must be a good listener, an excellent collaborator, a brilliant problem solver, have excellent communication skills, and be a caring leader. Administrators must listen to many points of view to be able to effectively make good decisions. Excellent administrators also take the time to collaborate and work with others. Administrators need to know how to use data to make decisions, solve problems, and to base those decisions and solutions on scientifically researched methods and ideas -- all to maximize success. Finally, excellent administrators need to know how to model what they expect others to do and clearly communicate these goals. For example, if an administrator asks teachers to analyze data to decide which skills need additional strategies, that administrator must also look at data for the desired faculty skills that will help them become a better faculty. Additionally, administrators need to know how to mediate and problem solve not only school and educational issues, but personnel issues as well. Administrators need to know how to help all adults (faculty, staff and parents) learn to work together and truly meet all the needs of all the students.