Reflections on my three best skills/attributes as an educator.


My three best skills are technology integration, collaboration, and problem solving. I have gained these skills through both study and applying what I learned throughout my fifteen year career. I will highlight just a few of the examples of these skills and attributes.

I have high abilities with regards to most technology coupled with the ability to help most everyone improve. I have worked with the very novice learner (be it teacher or student) to the expert to increase skill, ability and comfort with educational technology. For example, I was able to help many staff members as we integrated Google Apps for Education including Google Classroom. I helped the expert as we together determined how to have Google forms grade trade quizzes to give item analysis of success. I also helped a novice introduce Google classroom, then use it for a culminating senior project. I also had weekly “Tech Tuesday” afternoons where I was available to help with any type of technology problem. This small setting gave the shy and/or reluctant teachers an informal mode of getting help they needed to increase their skill and comfort with educational technology.

As a school leader I have had many opportunities to collaborate with a variety of teachers and school leaders. As a department head I was responsible to making sure everyone understood and was able to deliver the curriculum. For my weekly department meetings we would collaborate on department wide teaching and learning strategies. We also worked to develop common formative assessments (CFA) and analyse the data that we were constantly gathering from these assessments. During these collaboration times I took the time to listen to all points of view and help teachers compromise when there were differences. For example we decided that it was important that all CFA had a common grading rubric. However when it was time to define what that grading rubric was, there were differences that needed to be discussed and accepted. We were able to collaborate, under my leadership, and design a school wide grading rubric for CFA. This ensured that the curriculum was being assessed the same throughout the department.

I believe I have the skills that make a great administrator namely technology skills, collaboration skills and problem solving skills. It is important that administrators listen to many points of view and use these skills to move the work of educating students to higher and higher levels. Administrators need to know how to help all adults (faculty, staff and parents) learn to work together and truly meet all the needs of all the students.