My professional growth Dreams - Top two


I would like to pursue many areas of professional growth. Two of the top choices would be incorporating more mastery based learning in secondary schools (both middle and high school), and using blended learning to increase student engagement and achievement. I believe these two areas complement each other well.

Mastery based learning as I define it is when educators use a student's mastery of material, not time on task, to determine a learning path. For example, the student that struggles with learning a skill would be allowed to have more time to master that skill before moving onto another topic. Likewise the student that excels at one skill would not need to wait for his or her peers to learn the skill before advancing. I realize the challenge this is for teachers, as they will end up with a class full of students at different levels, but with the aid of technology, peer groups, and blended learning I believe mastery education can become a reality in the lives of all students at all schools.

Blended learning is a way of maximizing the learning potential of all students by allowing some of each days instruction to be delivered through interactive online lessons. By helping students realize they have control over their learning I believe we can more fully engage students in the learning process. Couple this blended learning with mastery based learning and I believe we can help all students reach their full potential.