Chapter 7 Hypothetical Cases

My Case Studies
Think about the following:

  1. The teacher's levels of development, expertise, and commitment to solving the problem
  2. The Nature of the problem

Supervisory Platform

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Teaching Philosophy:
    I believe teaching is fundamental to a democratic society, and teachers play a key role in society. Teachers pass knowledge, skills, and rules of society onto the next generation. Teachers effectively accomplish this when they invest in teaching students, and not teaching content. Students learn how to learn in part by watching teachers model learning.
   The classroom of an effective teacher embodies the mission of the school and works with all stake holders to meet school-wide goals. The effective teacher models how to make S.M.A.R.T. goals by creating and monitoring his or her teaching. Effective teachers do not become stale, but are in a constant state of improvement.
    Progress of students is monitored many people; the teacher, the student, parents, and administration (each to a varying degree). With data from S.M.A.R.T. goals, evidence of weaknesses are vigilantly addressed with students and other support personnel (parents, counselors).

CECA sesson 4 - E-Portfolios

CECA Award winner

Eportfolio helps keep the kids engaged. After school, during study, made for resume type stuff.

Makes it possible for everyone to see the work

Started with a blank template. Then populated with information that is required for the portfolio.

Domo of the software that is no longer available.


CECA Session 2 - Teacher's use of Technology to Develop A Students' Problem Solving Skills

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Notes/Thoughts from the presentation (taken live)
From Marie Shaw

Quote from ISTE standards
Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Decision Making.

    Observation (from Thesis):
  • Students are not using technology to help them think critically and solve problems.
  • Professional development for teachers has been ineffective for developing teachers skills in teaching students critical thinking and problem solving.

Bunk Beds and Bed rest

I'm stuck here on the couch after injuring my back moving furniture in anticipation of our new baby. I'd like to say I'm enjoying the time to update my websites, and blog, but the truth is I'm going completely crazy. The doctors say I should be better by the end of the week and in a few weeks back to 100%, but I'm not so sure.

UCAPP after one week

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I've been in class now for one week (everyday from 12:30 to 4). I started rather overwhelmed as we had to read a book before class started (ah the life of a grad student), but quickly realized the book was excellent, Leadership on the line: Staying alive through leadership. Since this is an educational leadership course it has really focused the discussion.

UCAPP Day 1 meeting 1

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Tonight I was able to officially start my next professional move. I started the UCAPP (University of Connecticut Administrator Preparation Program) at an informational meeting. It was wonderful to get information on the program. We, the candidates meet together as a large group, went over the program, had dinner, then split into our cohorts.

Freshmen Picnick

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Working at a technical High School we get the opportunity to recruit students as we are a school of choice. Tonight we were selling the school. I was given the opportunity to highlight our big move next year by showing a slide show of the new building. It was an easy job to show all the newness of the building in a 6 min slide show. My next challenge find some podsafe "free" music to set the show to and post it online.


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