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Digital Native
Hall Davidson

The way your students think has changes: babysitter (TV) caused a change in brains of children.

Have 2 seconds in ads to get attention. Brain can recognize it.

Underneath what you have is lots of meaning. Showing video's give you lots of hidden message (women in math as example)

Kids change. Obvious is obesity.
Coke sinks, and diet cokes floats.

By having students edit videos and placing themselves in it they learn the content by having to look at it many many times.

CECA sesson 4 - E-Portfolios

CECA Award winner

Eportfolio helps keep the kids engaged. After school, during study, made for resume type stuff.

Makes it possible for everyone to see the work

Started with a blank template. Then populated with information that is required for the portfolio.

Domo of the software that is no longer available.


CECA Session 2 - Teacher's use of Technology to Develop A Students' Problem Solving Skills

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Notes/Thoughts from the presentation (taken live)
From Marie Shaw

Quote from ISTE standards
Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Decision Making.

    Observation (from Thesis):
  • Students are not using technology to help them think critically and solve problems.
  • Professional development for teachers has been ineffective for developing teachers skills in teaching students critical thinking and problem solving.

CECA Session one

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I attended the Webquest, wiki's, and podcast session at 7:30am (I know it was very early).

Good information, but not much new. They use http://wikispaces.com as a portal for the webquest, and answers to questions. Then create a podcast with the students. Very teacher intensive.

CECA Keynote David Pogue

Excellent demonstration of the history of technology and how we are constantly changing. Can't predict the future, but some things should have already arrived...Finished with a copyright discussion that was very thought provoking.

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