Observation Instruments

Verbal Flow, At Task Scans, and Global Scans: Interaction Analysis

Internship Reflection Spring 2009

    Spring semester 2009 was by far the most productive internship experience I have had during the whole program. In addition to spending a full week at my internship site while they were in session, I felt I connected with the administrative team in a very positive way. I also managed to meet most of my goals. Until this semester, I viewed the internship requirement as a proverbial hoop that needed jumping through. Now, after gaining a consistent view of how the school operates, I see the value to my experience of the internship requirement.

Chapter 7 Presentation

Presentation on Chapter 7 from Glickman, et al.

UCAPP after one week

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I've been in class now for one week (everyday from 12:30 to 4). I started rather overwhelmed as we had to read a book before class started (ah the life of a grad student), but quickly realized the book was excellent, Leadership on the line: Staying alive through leadership. Since this is an educational leadership course it has really focused the discussion.

UCAPP Day 1 meeting 1

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Tonight I was able to officially start my next professional move. I started the UCAPP (University of Connecticut Administrator Preparation Program) at an informational meeting. It was wonderful to get information on the program. We, the candidates meet together as a large group, went over the program, had dinner, then split into our cohorts.

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